Custom is our Custom

Originally called Woodstock because we place 'stock' in wood - the name has grown to represent more of an attitude and era when custom work was the standard. When given the opportunity to convert our business to an assembly-line cabinet maker years ago, the decision was easy. Our clients come first - and in order to deliver a quality product on time and to specification, we have to remain involved in the design process from order to delivery.

Great people. Great Service. Great Product. That's the key to our success.


Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma we frequently work with clients throughout the state and region. Wherever you are located, we believe in clear, honest communication at every stage of the process. We learn all we can about your space and how you live in it and use that knowledge to create designs that combine aesthetics with functionality—maximizing space without compromising quality or beauty. To make sure the design works for you on all practical and aesthetic levels, we provide material and finish samples and create 3D computer models that allow you to see every detail prior to construction.